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    The project work-plan has a typical engineering project approach, aside the activities of Management, Exploitation and Dissemination of the used technology. The work proceeds from the final plant plan to the implementation and testing of the system, so as to process the full production cycles.
    The work programme has been divided up in the follow Work Packages:

    WP1 - Management

    Management aims at ensuring that the project is successfully implemented, by carrying out appropriate quality control measures, to ensure the timely and on budget delivery of activities. The work package will begin in Month 1 of the project and continue for its entire duration.

    WP2 – From Preliminary to Final Plant Project

    WP2 manages the transition from the pilot plant dimension, as tested by partner Europrogetti, to the real life dimensions of systems that will run at the Benetton Tekstil plant in Osjek.
    The final project includes all indications about the changes in existing tanks, spaces adaptation, measures and routes for excavations and project of each water treatment system, carefully planning the construction phase in order to avoid any stop production during execution.

    WP3 – Plant Construction

    WP3 builds on the final plant layout delivered in WP2 and consists of the plant construction. Europrogetti, in tight cooperation with Aspel (supervisor) and Benetton Tekstil (plant owner), will oversee the several phasesof construction work, including the adaptation electrical and plumbing, with a continuous monitoring and regular intermediate tests.

    WP4 – Module Implementation

    After the construction and installation, the module implementation consists of a series of independent tests and partial deployment of the system, designed to provide a credible picture of issues and functioning pattern when the system is brought to full regime.

    WP5 – Plant Operations Assessment

    WP5 provides the link between the module implementation and the start of full production foreseen in WP6. It consists in a series of tests, aiming at making sure that all installations and individual components are set on the appropriate parameters and that the whole plant will produce the expected results. In particular, it will be necessary to verify power consumptions, chemicals dosages, quality of treated water and the repeatability of obtained data. At the same time, Benetton Tekstil will follow the industrial process very carefully, in order to verify any eventual anomaly on final product quality.

    WP6 - Full Scale Production

    WP6 concludes the technical phases of the project and consists of a series of analysis dealing with the cost performance to see how the system has optimised the overall cost dynamic and by an analysis on environmental parameters.
    A further LCA analysis is carried out by an external independent company, to provide a neutral evaluation of the project’s impact on resources and environment.

    WP7 – Exploitation and Business Plan

    During WP7, a market study and a fully-fledged business plan will be prepared for Europrogetti and Aspel, in order to promote and disseminate the results of the project.
    These Documents will guide the activities of advertising and dissemination towards the most promising markets (countries and companies) within the textile-manufacturing sector, and in other sectors such as the paper, steel or agro-food production, all characterized by an intensive usage of water.

    WP8 - Dissemination Activities

    Finally, WP8 deals with Dissemination.
    This WP is strongly connected with the exploitation policy and partially implements the provisions set out by partners to exploit on the results of the action. It also includes a final evaluation of the project, with the aim to increase synergies between projects supported by Eco-innovation and to increase their visibility.


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